Focused Inspired Triathlon Coaching

FIT Coaching is a Chicago-based company owned and operated by Jenny Hayes, USAT Level IIE Triathlon Coach and 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor.

Jenny Hayes combines triathlon and yoga to create a balanced athlete. Jenny’s coaching methods use focused, individualized training plans, constant communication and feedback, and a strong mind/body connection to help her athletes achieve their goals.

Being FIT is all encompassing. It’s that space when you feel connected to your goals, yourself, and your life. Feel your best and happiest when you’re FIT physically and mentally.

FIT Coaching helps athletes achieve their goals and also trains them to become “FIT” in all aspects of life; and have fun while doing it!


  • Jennifer Hayes is not just an EXCELLENT coach, but an EXCEPTIONAL coach! When she started coaching me, she was starting out with someone who had no experience with preparing for a triathlon, marathon or century ride. All of which I had expected her to do for 2014. She didn’t just prepare me for those things, she made me comfortable and happy along the way. This year she is preparing me for three half Ironmans! I feel that she is so in touch with her athletes and what is going on, that it’s more like a friendship. That’s a wonderful feeling to have about your coach. She absolutely loves coaching, you can feel it in what she does and says.

  • Jennifer has taught me everything I know about triathlon. She made sure I was ready for transitions, she checks on me to make sure I’m taking it easy before a race. She always, always checks with me to make sure there are no last minute issues, questions or worries before a race. Last year was my first half Ironman. Shortly before the race I was convinced I could not do the swim. I let her know I was thinking about not doing it. We spoke at length on the phone immediately, she did not leave me hanging. She didn’t try to convince me to do it. What she did was point out simple facts in what I had been accomplishing in my workouts. She used the truth to point out I was capable of it. I know she would not let me do something she didn’t think I was capable of. Because of Jennifer, I completed my first half Ironman in October 2014. It was two weeks after my first Marathon. Four months after my first triathlon. I accomplished all of these things because she is a dedicated, loving coach.

  • Just being around Jenny, it is very easy to see the impact health, fitness and racing have on her life. Her passion for racing is contagious and she loves sharing it with others. The special thing about her is not only is she extremely dedicated to her own racing goals, but she is equally dedicated to her athletes.

  • When I personally encountered some challenges achieving my own goals of completing my first marathon and first century, I knew working with Jenny was the best choice I could make. Jenny took the time to not only listen and understand what I wanted to accomplish, but also where I was at with everything that would impact my training. She took into account my physical base, nutrition, health concerns and potential for injury as well as my schedule and time available to dedicate to my training.

  • Throughout my training, Jenny provides me with very thorough instructions for my workouts as well as helps me understand the purpose behind each workout. We address nutrition and hydration, recovery and strength workouts to improve my performance and prevent injury. With Jenny’s detailed and realistic approach to coaching, I have achieved my goals of my first marathon and century. I also know with her help, I will continue to achieve my goals.

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Jenny as a friend, athlete, and fellow certified coach, and am continually impressed with her passion for multisport and the community and lifestyle that surrounds it. As an accomplished athlete herself, Jenny understands what it takes to be successful in this sport. It’s a pleasure to watch her train and compete because she does so in a way that her joy and passion for the active, healthy lifestyle that many others in the multisport community share is easily recognizable. This is one of her greatest strengths as a coach as well. The same commitment to doing the little things right, a structured work ethic, and effective time management that help her succeed as an athlete are equally characteristic of the way the Jenny confidently approaches her relationship with others as a lifestyle mentor and multisport coach. She truly enjoys working with others and becomes very invested in their personal success. Jenny knows how powerful the feeling of working hard to achieve something is, and is driven to help others experience that same thrill.

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