Be a force for good…

My life and business purpose has always been crystal clear…

…be a force for good…

…be the light for others…

…when I feel helpless, help someone…

I could go on and on here, but these really sum it up. I know many of you are feeling fear, uncertainty, disappointment, and so much more. I’ve been wondering how I could not only serve all of you, but also the world as now is truly a time we all need to band together and support each other globally.

This morning I drove out with my best friend to run the half marathon course that was canceled, and I ran with all of you and the above in mind. I had a very clear moment at the end of my run that I needed to offer something to support each and every one of you through this time, as well as use the platform and services I have to help the world in this great time of need.

SO – here’s what I have to offer 🙂

Since many of us are finding “the gift of time” with our calendars clearing and spending more time in “social distance”, now is a great time to work on US and our minds. I have SEVERAL programs and meditations that I’d love for each of you to join and use during this time to reduce stress, stay positive, and committed to your goals. For each program and meditation that is purchased from now through March 31st, 10% of your purchase will be donated to the World Health Organization which will provide resources to front line healthcare workers and the patients they serve.

I’d love if you’d consider joining the programs / meditations below that speak to you the most for yourself and / or as a gift to a loved one…and help support the worldwide epidemic we are facing <3

Race Day Meditation (also a great meditation for reducing stress / anxiety which we ALL need right now!!) – $4

Athlete Mastermind Membership – $42 for 3 month subscription ($14/month)

Athlete Mastermind Series – $30

Jenny Hayes
USAT Level 2 Coach
200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher
Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach
Spirit Junkie Level 1 & 2 Masterclass Graduate
Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #1077788