{FREE VIDEO} November 22, 2020 Weekly Oracle Card Reading + Sunday Self Care Package :)

Happy “Week of Thanksgiving”, everyone!

For the past several weeks, I’ve been creating weekly oracle card readings and guidance for my Athlete Mastermind Membership group, then started to create “Sunday Self Care Packages” because, well, I love BOTH – oracle/tarot cards and yummy “care packages” – they bring me back to my college days and make me feel happy and taken care of 🙂

Then, I started to share them with my newsletter group…and today I decided they should be shared here as well.

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Now that you have the background, let’s get into it 😉


As we move into a “new way” of celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday this year, our weekly oracle card reading / guidance was perfect – and focused on all things “letting go and forgiveness”…I hope you all receive some learnings and medicine from it 🙂

Keep reading below for the weekly oracle card reading / guidance I created for my Athlete Mastermind Membership group, and your “Sunday Self Care Package” with all the goodies I’m loving up on MYSELF with this week <3


Sunday Self Care Package:

  1. Let’s start with this week’s oracle card reading / guidance. I was guided to use my Starseed Oracle Card Deck, and the cards I pulled were so great and focused on “letting go and forgiveness” 🙂 – here’s the video linkjust created for my Athlete Mastermind Membership group…I hope you ENJOY!
  2. This skincare line is 100% my absolute FAV, and I have been using their products for the past few years because they are CLEAN. They have an amazing holiday offer if you’re interested in doing the same! All the deets can be found herehttps://www.annmariegianni.com/jennyhayes-pureandproven
  3. I am LOVING my new running hydration vest from Salomon, and it would be GREAT not only for running…but hiking, long walks, riding…basically anything outside that would require some hydration, tons of pockets to stash snacks, money, keys, cell phones, etc…check it out HERE!!
  4. I’m into ALL THINGS crystals, and I found the prettiest crystal infused water bottle which holds WARM water (and takes on the crystal properties that are INCLUDED with the water bottle!) which is PERFECT for this time of year. I fill it up all throughout the day with water to keep me warm, and you can make tea in it as well! Check it out HERE!!


If you’re interested in knowing more about my Athlete Mastermind Membership group, read below!

Our November theme is: I am grateful for my life.

You can access everything in the Facebook group now + all past content and bonuses!!

Details on this month’s content is below! I look forward to seeing you in the group, and please let me know how this serves you and if you have any questions!!

Podcast: This month “workshops” you through finding gratitude around training, recovery, nutrition and mindset…which can be applied towards ALL areas of your life! This will elevate your mood and energy so you can become a super attractor for all that you desire.

Meditation: This month we have a great meditation focused on gratitude. This is perfect for what we are experiencing in our lives at this moment, and will be amazing the night before a race, or race morning.

Worksheet: This worksheet is meant to be used while listening to the podcast, and includes space to list gratitude each morning and evening around training, recovery, nutrition and mindset.

Recipe: Breakfast Egg Muffins

Vegetarian Recipe: Baked Breakfast Sheet Pan

Have a great week, everyone!


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