My 2019 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

I am ALWAYS asked for recommendations on gift ideas and my FAV things…so here we GO 🙂

We are t-minus a few days until Christmas, and I know many of you are still working on picking out and buying gifts (no judgement)…hopefully some of those include gifts for YOU! Why? Because YOU deserve it 🙂

My #1 Recommendation!! My 2nd Annual Athlete Mastermind Series…

My upcoming “Athlete Mastermind Series” is actually a GREAT and unique gift idea…both for you and your loved ones 🙂 + you don’t need to go ANYWHERE to get this!!

My Swim Favs…

My Bike Favs…

    • Garmin 935: This is not JUST for the bike, it can be used in all 3 sports (and for MANY other functions)…but I love having this on my bike to track all sorts of good data 🙂
    • Garmin 520: This is my FAV bike computer, and is much easier to actually see while riding outdoors vs trying to look at a watch. Again, tons of great data + right in your face!
    • Coeur Gear: Sorry guys, this brand of clothing is focused on women…but it is THE BEST. Comfy, cute, and the absolute BEST tri shorts a girl can ask for! I love it ALL!!
    • Button Hole: No judgement…but massive lifesaver.
    • Puremedy: Same comments as Button Hole…you’ll thank me later 😉

My Run Favs…

    • Garmin 935: I know, I know…I mentioned this before with bike goodies…but this watch is SO GREAT!! I’ve had it for well over a year now, and it’s been totally worth the investment. Tons of great run data, extremely reliable, and not as “clunky” as some of the earlier Garmin models.
    • Nathan VaporKrar Waist Pack: I have never loved running with any hydration packs on my waist, or any handhelds…but then I found this from Nathan. Total game changer. I completely forget it’s on, the water bottle doesn’t drip, and I can carry keys + hydration. Do yourself a favor and get one (OR ask for one!) for long runs 🙂
    • Yax Tracks: An absolute MUST for winter running…SO great for running in the snow 🙂
    • Headlamp: For the early morning, or late evening runners…
    • Hot Hands: THE most perfect stocking stuffer for runners…it’s my #1 trick for braving cold winter runs. A pair in my gloves makes all the difference in the world.
    • Foot Bath: This is SUCH a nice gift for any runner…helps relieve aches and pains + tired feet, and great for maintaining warmth in the winter. I set mine to ~111 degrees, add in some Young Living Essential Oils (noted below) + Epsom Salts, and soak for 20-30 minutes. It’s awesome.
    • Coeur Gear: Sorry guys, this brand of clothing is focused on women…but it is THE BEST. For running, my fav is the sports bras…they have a built in pocket which easily (and comfortably) carries my keys and nutrition!!

My Top Reads…

    • Let Your Mind Run by Deena Kastor – I cannot think of a better book to really dial in a positive mindset + learn visualization tools for success in training and racing, in ANY sport.
    • Super Attractor – Gabby’s newest book, and is hands DOWN my fav so far (this is saying a LOT!).
    • May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein – I’ve gone through this 40 day workbook several times, and just finished up another round in October…it’s an incredibly powerful process.
    • The Happiness Diet:

Self Care…

    • 5 Minute Journal: I’ve been using this journal for about 3 years now, it rocks. You can have the same effect by grabbing a super cheap notebook from anywhere and writing down the top 3-5 things you’re grateful for + 3 things you value about yourself daily…but the 5 Minute Journal steps it up a notch, and is a GREAT gift option for you and / or someone else. Great article to read here…
    • Gabby Bernstein Card Decks: These are absolutely beautiful, and I love the messages each card shares. PERFECT stocking stuffer, and one you should gift yourself as well. How do I use these? I’ll close my eyes, shuffle up the cards, ask for what I should read, and randomly pick one. I love doing it at the start or end of my day…and often before or after meditation. It’s amazing how the card I pick is exactly what I need to read in that moment.
    • Super Attractor and Universe Has Your Back Journals: If you know anything about me, I talk a lot about meditation and journaling. It’s so important to take time to be quiet, still, and write. These journals are absolutely gorgeous…and great for any writing or note taking, in my opinion. Don’t know what to write…just start writing…you’ll be amazed at what comes onto the page.

Gift of Health…

Do you have a loved one who could use a month of Triathlon / Run, Nutrition and / or Life Coaching? If so, reach out to me and I can put together a special package for you!!

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Any topics you’d like me to cover in an upcoming blog? If so, leave a comment with your feedback!

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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