My 3 Month “Race Ready” Nutrition Package Is OPEN!!

The 2019 race season is right around the corner, and your “A” races will be here before you know it!

Nutrition…what we eat everyday, how we fuel our bodies during training & racing, and what we re-fuel with for recovery are KEY to your success…and in my opinion, the missing piece in many athlete’s race preparation.

I’ve worked with countless athletes on their nutrition over the years…and once it’s dialed in, possibilities are endless for your training and racing outcomes. There is no question that once you dial in your nutrition you will…

  • Perform at a higher level during training & racing
  • Recover quicker
  • Sleep better
  • Simply feel better all day

…and let’s be honest, you’ll just be a happier human being 🙂


Are you feeling like?

  • My training and racing suffer because of what I do and do not eat
  • I don’t take nutrition seriously, then regret it on race day
  • I’m often disappointed with my race results and know that nutrition is a part in that
  • I have no idea what I’m going to fuel with on race day
  • I want a plan to know exactly what I will fuel with the night before a race, race morning, each hour during my race, and after I finish my race
  • I have no clue how to eat the week before I race
  • I don’t know where to start
  • I don’t feel like an athlete
  • I don’t fit in here
  • I’m not fast enough
  • I’m never going to make it / finish / hit my time goal(s)
  • I want to lose weight, but everyone tells me I can’t while I’m training
  • There’s too much information out about nutrition and none of it works for me
  • I don’t want to weigh / count anything with food
  • All I focus on is weight and believe that I will feel and perform better if I weighed less
  • I need help managing healthy eating with traveling, family, work and personal commitments

Any of the above apply to you?? If so, I’ve got your back…I am her to help SIMPLIFY all of this! I developed this 3 Month “Race Ready” Nutrition Package to help create an individualized plan for YOU. No two athletes are the same, and we will work TOGETHER to find your roadmap to success for…

  • Daily nutrition
  • Training / race day nutrition
  • Enhancing performance
  • Recovering well
  • Finding and maintaining ideal weight
  • Identifying ideal race weight and achieving that close to your “A” races
  • Eating healthy and maintaining training while traveling
  • Eating healthy and maintaining training with family, kids, professional and personal responsibilities
  • How to do all of this with food allergies
  • Meal prep / recipe ideas
  • Accountability / sustainability
  • NO “dieting”, counting calories or weighing food
  • Identifying emotional food triggers / blocks, and working through each individually to create long term and lasting success

**Sessions are all held via FaceTime, Zoom, or over the phone)**

  • Total of 6 calls – 2 calls per month
  • Unlimited support via text / email in between sessions

Why 3 months? I believe dialing in your nutrition plan takes time, accountability, and changes in your BEHAVIOR which is why regular sessions over time will have the most benefit and better outcomes not only for your season, but for many years to come.

I want to leave you with this…and I mean it, from the bottom of my heart…

You don’t have to do it alone, I certainly did not. It is more than OK to ask for help, and I am here to help. You are worthy in investing in yourself, and you don’t have to wait anymore. Now is always the right time.

Interested in joining me? Awesome! Email me @ to get started TODAY!!

Jenny Hayes

USAT Level 2 Coach

200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

Integrative Nutrition Certified Health Coach

Spirit Junkie Level 1 & 2 Masterclass Graduate

Young Living Essential Oil Distributor #1077788