My Athlete Mastermind Series Digital Course is LIVE!!

This is a really big deal for me…you might ask, WHY?

I believe so deeply in these messages. I KNOW they can make a huge (positive) impact on athletes of all abilities, levels, age(s), for those who don’t even “self identify” as an athlete (you are!)…this series WILL positively impact your training, your racing…but also every other area of your life. While this is geared towards triathletes and runners, it applies to all sports, and carries over into every other aspect of your life. I strongly believe in these messages, this series…and I want to share this with as many of you as I can 🙂

This is my FIRST Digital Course…and I created the ENTIRE series (technology included) on my own. It’s not polished, but it’s ME. I have no idea what I’m doing with “sell sheets”, using social media to market this course, I don’t even have a true “shopping cart” YET on my website…I am just ready to SHARE this with all of you. So here it is 🙂 #nomoreplayingsmall

You will see very personal parts of my life…inside my home, my personal vision boards, the space I spend time in visualization and meditation…Why? I believe SO DEEPLY in this work, I BELIEVE it’s important to invite you all into these places in my life because I KNOW they will change your life as they have truly changed mine…

Want more deets? Here ya go…

Join me as you learn “My 4 Step Guide to Win From Within“…

Do you want to achieve all of your Race Season goals and dreams?

Are you ready to:

  • Have clear goals for your upcoming Race Season?
  • Learn ways to AMP UP your mental game to increase performance and outcomes while training and racing?
  • Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety around training and racing?
  • Let go of limiting beliefs – as in, I’m not fast enough, I’m not focused, I don’t look like everyone else, I don’t fit in here?
  • Do you want to find more happiness and enjoyment out of training and racing?
  • Have easy to follow, creative, out of the box, and specific action steps to apply to YOU?
  • If your answer is YES, my Athlete Mastermind Series Digital Course is perfect for you 🙂

Are you interested in applying these practices to ALL areas of your life (as in…relationships, work, etc)? Guess what? They 100% carry over…and I talk a LOT about that!

I’ve created this series from my own personal experience which you will hear a lot about over the series!

What is my Athlete Mastermind Series Digital Course ??

  • A 4 part series that is led by ME!
  • Each session is roughly 30-35 minutes long where I share personal stories, teach some pretty cool lessons (outlined below!), and give you “action steps” for the upcoming session 🙂
    • Each session was recorded during the live Athlete Mastermind Series
  • Specific “homework and activities” to keep you inspired, motivated, and working towards your goals!
  • Something you will always have access to, and can complete as many times as you like! This is honestly great to do ANY time of the year!

I like what I’m hearing! What are people saying after going through the Athlete Mastermind Series?!

“I have struggled a bit with how to write my list of what I want to be rid of in 2018 and then thank those things for helping me grow in 2019.  I had a fantastic year in 2018. I learned how to race, like really race digging deep to get the most from myself. I won my first overall female sprint triathlon race, at 44 years old!  I PRd my olympic distance triathlon by 10 minutes and that old PR was 15 years old!

Some self doubts were creeping in during some time of reflection for this project.  I was feeling like, “what if 2018 was so good, now to have 2019 not be?” Sort of along the waiting for the other shoe to drop mentality.  I had a big race I was targeting through a bit of the winter – a half marathon in Austin. In the days leading up to the event I would close my eyes and visualize the event and setting a big PR, finishing in 1:58.  People would even ask me my goals and I would share that I wanted to break 2 hours (I previously hadn’t done that before, my fastest half to this point was 2:07).  During the race, in the latter miles around mile 9 or 10, my mental focus was starting to wane.  Then I thought of you and the athlete mastermind class.  The words “be intentional” came to my mind. It was just the thing I needed and I was able to focus again and proceeded to have some of my fastest miles of the race, even that I negative split the race!  And that visualization came to fruition – I finished in 1:58:08!  My fastest half by far ever!  And I’m no spring chicken, turning 45 in 2 months!

Thank you for the quality content and group you have created and giving me further inspiration, even in the late stages of a race!”

“I just wanted to share some realizations that have happened this week! (My vision board is ALMOST done). This morning I did my swim. I have had a great week in getting some great sleep and being able to get out of bed in the early morning and get the work done. While somewhat mentally and physically tired, I also feel energized. Based on my vision, I made a big investment in my career this week, which is going to help me align my goals with my actual work. For 30+ years, I have had to go to sleep to the TV…something I know so I can shut out the noise in my head. I can probably count on 2 hands the number of times I have gone to bed without a distraction. The past 2 nights I have done some meditation before going to bed. Last night, my internet did not seem to be working, and I couldn’t stream my show on Hulu. Tried Netflix. Nothing. I laid there for a second thinking “should I get up and play with the modem, or should I try to go to bed without the TV?” That created a sense of panic for a second, but I decided to roll over and try it. And that was the last thought I had. I was out like a light, slept through the night and actually woke up 10 minutes before my alarm went off. But the best news, I hit my 2 fastest ever 100s today during my swim! So you’d think…wow she’s been training hard, that so great! Here’s the thing…I just finished Ironman Arizona last November. I did nothing for 4 weeks. I swam 1 time before January 1, and since then this was my 4th swim. Yardage is down, and yes I am rested…but my fastest 100’s ever? In 10 years of doing triathlon (and I’m not getting younger!)? And by 5 seconds? And the second one was faster than the first? For my entire IMAZ training last year, I couldn’t get my times to budge. I was frustrated, so I’d skip swims (why bother I’m not getting faster). Oh…and my runs…I couldn’t run faster than 11:30 mile to save my life. 3 years before I was a 10-10:30 minute miler, and through training I was seeing faster paces for my shorter races. The past 2 weeks I have been easily running 10-10:30s (except for hill repeats). So, what’s going on? I haven’t dropped 20 pounds to make myself faster? I am literally 2 weeks into training after a 6 week hiatus…I should feel slow, out of shape and crappy. But…I feel lighter. I have a vision. I am working on the clarity to how to achieve that vision. I am challenging myself to reach higher. And it’s coming together…quickly. I am still doing the same amount of work, but I am more productive and have more energy. I truly feel it is from burning 2018, setting visions and goals for 2019, working on my gratitude journal (work in progress) and all the wonderful things we have learned in Jenny’s class. And I just wanted to say thanks to Jenny Hayes for this great program and to everyone for creating such a great space for us to share, grow and LIVE!”

Sounds GREAT!! What will I learn in the Athlete Mastermind Series Digital Course?

AMS Session #1

  • Burn That Shhhh…Letting Go of Your Past
  • Goal Setting
  • Letters of Gratitude

AMS Session #2

  • Desire Box
  • Vision Boards

AMS Session #3

  • Ways to Cultivate Positivity
    • Gratitude Practice
    • Exercise
    • Meditate
    • Random Acts of Kindness
  • Meditation: Day Before Race
  • Values Activity

AMS Session #4

  • Recap of Our Work Together
  • Visualization Tips
  • Meditation: Race Morning
  • Power Pose

Count me IN! How do I register?

  • Email me directly at with a YES…and I will send you ALL of the registration deets!

What is my investment??

  • Since I’m REALLY excited about this series (and it is my FIRST Digital Course), I want to make it affordable for everyone who wants to join 🙂
  • I am valuing the entire series at $100 ($25 per session), but am offering it for a LIMITED TIME at $80…$20 off the total price!!
  • Please Note: If you are one of my current athletes (or any MSM/JHC athlete), please reach out to me directly about package pricing with your current monthly rate
    • If you are interested in purchasing this series for a group, please reach out to me directly at to inquire about package pricing!
  • There are no refunds for this course due to the nature of this work

Please reach out to me directly at with ANY questions!

I am SOOOO looking forward to working with you and am completely committed to all of the positive results you will see in the future!