My Holiday Healthy Gift Giving + Staying Well Guide…Part 2

This week is all about bikes, gratitude, self care, and butternut squash…makes perfect sense, right? 😉 

In my world…the answer to that is…YES!

Wondering how they all fit in together? Then keep on reading 🙂

1. Healthy Gifting Options

Nobody ever said bikes, or anything to do with bikes, are cheap…BUT, we spend a lot of time on them. SOOOOO, treat yourself, or someone else who loves them equally as much as we do…

My Bike Favs…

    • Garmin 935: This is not JUST for the bike, it can be used in all 3 sports (and for MANY other functions)…but I love having this on my bike to track all sorts of good data 🙂
    • Garmin 520: This is my FAV bike computer, and is much easier to actually see while riding outdoors vs trying to look at a watch. Again, tons of great data + right in your face! 
    • Coeur Gear: Sorry guys, this brand of clothing is focused on women…but it is THE BEST. Comfy, cute, and the absolute BEST tri shorts a girl can ask for! I love it ALL!!
    • Button Hole: No judgement…but massive lifesaver. AND, a great stocking stuffer 🙂
    • Puremedy: Same comments as Button Hole…you’ll thank me later 😉

There are a ton of studies and research that have been done on the positive health benefits of practicing gratitude. I’ve been journaling about things I’m grateful for since ~2012, and it’s made a HUGE difference in my life. 

My absolute favorite Ted Talk of all time is all about this ^^…do yourself a favor and invest 12 minutes of your life to listen, you can even do it while stuck in traffic (but PLEASE only listen, no watching!)…

Practicing Gratitude…

    • 5 Minute Journal: I’ve been using this journal for about 3 years now, it rocks. You can have the same effect by grabbing a super cheap notebook from anywhere and writing down the top 3-5 things you’re grateful for + 3 things you value about yourself daily…but the 5 Minute Journal steps it up a notch, and is a GREAT gift option for you and / or someone else. Great article to read here…

Self Care…

There is nothing more important than this, in my opinion…have you heard that enough from me yet? 😉 We MUST take care of ourselves first so we can care for others in our best way.

    • Gabby Bernstein “The Universe Has Your Back” Card Deck: These are absolutely beautiful, and I love the messages each card shares. PERFECT stocking stuffer, and one you should gift yourself as well. How do I use these? I’ll close my eyes, shuffle up the cards, ask for what I should read, and randomly pick one. I love doing it at the start or end of my day…and often before or after meditation. It’s amazing how the card I pick is exactly what I need to read in that moment.

Gift of Health…

Do you have a loved one who could use a month long Triathlon and / or Health Coaching Program? If so, reach out to me and I can put together a special package for you!!

2. Great Side Dish Recipe

This is where butternut squash comes into play! I love, love, LOVE squash…especially butternut squash…and it is SO good this time of year (+ really good for us!). I always bring some roasted squash over to my holiday family parties, and someone from my family is always raving about it…my Dad even eats it with the skin on…good thing I buy organic 😉

Both of these are winners in my book…

3. THE Best Essential Oil For Staying Healthy 

We are around tons of people during the holiday season, and this is when colds / coughs / flu really start to hit. Young Living has an entire line of Thieves products (linked below), and it’s great to have on hand all throughout the year.

Young Living Thieves Essential Oil

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