Who’s IN for my upcoming Athlete Mastermind Series?!

Join me as you learn “My 4 Step Guide to Win From Within“…

Do you want to achieve all of your 2019 Race Season goals and dreams?

Are you ready to:

  • Have clear goals for your 2019 Race Season?
  • Learn ways to AMP UP your mental game to increase performance and outcomes while training and racing?
  • Do you want to reduce stress and anxiety around training and racing?
  • Let go of limiting beliefs – as in, I’m not fast enough, I’m not focused, I don’t look like everyone else, I don’t fit in here?
  • Have easy to follow, out of the box, and specific action steps to apply to YOU?

If your answer is YES, my upcoming Athlete Mastermind Series is perfect for you 🙂

I’ve created this series from my own personal experience which you will hear a lot about over the next several weeks!

What is the Athlete Mastermind Series??

  • A 4 week course that will be led by ME!
  • A fully supported Facebook Group that I will “Go Live” in each week from 2-2:30pm CST to share personal stories, teach some pretty cool lessons, and give you “action steps” for the upcoming week 🙂
    • Please Note: if you are unable to attend the 2-2:30pm CST Facebook Live Sessions, there will be a recorded video that you can access ANYTIME!! I WELCOME people from all throughout the World to join!
  • Lots of opportunities for Q&A with me 🙂
  • Weekly tips, tricks, examples, and motivation in our Facebook Group!

Sounds GREAT!! When is the Athlete Mastermind Series & what will I learn?

December 30th – 2-2:30pm CST

  • Theme: Burn That Shhhh…Letting Go of 2018 + Goal Setting For 2019

January 6th – 2-2:30pm CST

  • Theme: Creating Your 2019 Race Season Vision Board

January 13th – 2-2:30pm CST

  • Theme: Identify Your Top 3 Values + Create Your Own Gratitude Practice (and how they apply to training & racing!)

January 20th – 2-2:30pm CST

  • Theme: Creating Your Own Training / Racing Visualization Practice + How To Use Throughout 2019

Count me IN! How do I register?

    • Email me directly at fitcoachjen@gmail.com with a YES…and I will send you ALL of the registration deets!

What is my investment??

  • Since I’m REALLY excited about this series, I want to make it affordable for everyone who wants to join 🙂 I am valuing the entire series at $100 ($25 per session), but am offering EARLY BIRD DISCOUNTS which will offer a better value for YOU!
    • Tier 1 Pricing: Today thru December 9th – $75 for the ENTIRE SERIES!! Basically, Buy 3 Get 1 Free!
    • Tier 2 Pricing: December 10th – December 23rd – $85 for the ENTIRE SERIES!! 
    • Tier 3 Pricing: December 24th – December 29th – $100 for the ENTIRE SERIES!!
  • Please Note: If you are one of my current athletes (or any MSM/JHC athlete), please reach out to me directly about package pricing with your current monthly rate 🙂

Please reach out to me directly at fitcoachjen@gmail.com with ANY questions!

I am SOOOO looking forward to working with you and am completely committed to all of the positive results you will see in 2019!