{FREE VIDEO} March 28, 2021 Weekly Inspirational Card Reading + Sunday Self Care Package

Happy Full Moon, my dears 🙂

Today we are celebrating the Full Moon in Libra which is all about BALANCE – what a great theme as we enter into Spring 🙂

Our cards for the week are – “you are good enough” and “your hard work is paying off“…I dive into what these mean to me in the video below!

Keep reading below for the {FREE VIDEO} weekly oracle card reading / guidance I created for my Athlete Mastermind Membership group, and your “Sunday Self Care Package” with all the goodies I’m loving up on MYSELF with this week <3

If you’re interested in my Athlete Mastermind Membership group, now is a great time to join! Our April theme is: Comparison is the thief of all joy…and I had SO much fun creating it. Details are below!


Sunday Self Care Package:

  1. Let’s start with this week’s oracle card reading / guidance. In honor of the full moon, I was guided to use my Monology Oracle Card Deck – here’s the video link I just created for my Athlete Mastermind Membership group…I hope you ENJOY!
  2. My absolute FAVORITE skincare line has a great promotion that I’d love for you all to try! I’m very particular about the products I use, and they are very clean, organic, and make my skin feel SO GOOD. Check them out HERE!!
  3. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on my blue blocker glasses, and they are helping save my eyes BIG TIME with all of the increased screen time we are all experiencing. You can check them out HERE!!
  4. I’m into ALL THINGS crystals, and I found the prettiest crystal infused water bottle which holds warm AND cold water (and takes on the crystal properties that are INCLUDED with the water bottle!). I fill it up all throughout the day with water to keep me warm (my favs), and you can make tea in it as well! Check it out HERE!!
  5. I am ALL about essential oils, and have been using Young Living as my go-to for well over a decade. Some of my current favs are Palo Santo, Grounding, and Valor. If you have any questions about oils, or need recommendations, feel free to reach out! If you order from Young Living, I would SO appreciate you using my Distributer Number (#1077788) – thank you!


If you’re interested in knowing more about my Athlete Mastermind Membership group, read below!

Our March theme is: I have the power to shift how I feel.

You can access everything in the Facebook group now + all past content and bonuses!!

Details on this month’s content is below! I look forward to seeing you in the group, and please let me know how this serves you and if you have any questions!!

Podcast/Workshop: This month “workshops” you through my process of removing “funky feelings” and falling back in love with training, recovery, nutrition, and mindset…which can be applied towards ALL areas of your life! This will set you up to feel and perform your best every single day!
Meditation: This month we have a simple clearing meditation to move through moments when you aren’t feeling your best. This is perfect for what we are experiencing in our lives at this moment, when we go into negative thoughts about ourselves, and will be amazing the night before a race, or race morning.
Worksheet: This worksheet is meant to be used while listening to the podcast/workshop, and includes space to list your commitments this month around training, recovery, nutrition and mindset.
Recipe: Breakfast Egg & Veggie Muffin
Vegetarian Recipe: 
Blueberry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

Have a great week, everyone!



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